Animal yoga pose

10 Yoga Animal Poses to Enrich Your Body

Ready to unleash the animal in you?

Each animal has a thing or two to teach. Yoga gurus of the past studied animals closely and found several secrets to well being.

There is a little story about the origin of the Yoga Asanas. Lord Shiva, a Hindu God, demonstrated 8,400,000 yoga techniques and positions when asked about the secret to the well being of humans. There are 8,400,000 living species on this universe as per Vedas. Thankfully the Yogis confirmed that executing just 20-25 Yoga workouts at home should sufficient for great health.

Imagine yourself starting each morning trying to imitate 10  animals, you can amuse your kids while acquiring good health. Here’s a list of few benefits you will get from these different yoga positions.

  1. Strong and elastic limbs
  2. Sturdy back muscles (finally rid of your back pain)
  3. Relief from constipation (thank Yoga)
  4. Better functioning of the digestive system
  5. Strengthening of your spinal column and nerve centers
  6. Great blood flow to your brain (More clarity of thought)
  7. Excellent functioning of the Heart (pumps blood better)
  8. Opens up your lung sacs (making more space for oxygen)
  9. Removes excess fat deposits (Yoga is a great weight loss plan)
  10. Leaves you completely relaxed and energized

In short, the best exercise for your entire body and mind. All of these are yoga poses that give you energy; there will no be no fatigue unlike what you experience after 15 minutes of aerobics. Yoga puts aerobics and gym based exercises to shame. Central principle of restorative yoga poses is that there will be no strain or exhaustion.

A Trivia – The Human body was meant to be Elastic

Different yoga positions seek to bring elasticity to your body which has become stiff through non use. Running the treadmill or pumping weights does nothing to make your body elastic, quite the opposite is the case. Stretching yoga positions followed by contraction positions generate this elasticity.

Here is the list of the 10 yoga animal poses

Warning: Don’t attempt these poses without expert guidance, preferably from a yoga teacher.

1.    Mayurasana (The Peacock Posture)

2.    Salabhasana (The Locust Posture)

3.    Bhujangasana (The Cobra Posture)

4.    Gomukhasana (The Cow Posture)

5.    Ustrasana (The Camel Posture)

6.    Kurmasana (The Tortoise Posture)

7.    Bakasana (The Crow Posture)

8.    Vatyanasana (The Horse Head)

9.    Matsyasana (The Fish Posture)

10.    Mandukasana (The Frog Posture)


What you should know about yoga techniques and positions?

The yoga animal poses and the different other yoga positions should be performed without any strain. Most positions require breath retention, be careful not to strain your lungs.

Power of yoga exercises is that they don’t cause fatigue. Exercises which cause exhaustion and fatigue are not natural because they tire the body.

Joining a yoga training class

It’s the best investment in health you will ever make. Yogis were known to live as long as 150 years, success leaves clues as they say.

Yoga training classes facilitate learning without errors, so that you reap the benefits without straining or injuring yourself. Once you have perfected the art, you can perform yoga workouts at home.