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Can Yoga Help You Grow Taller?

Well yoga has an answer for almost every ailment known to human beings; however, in order to take care of everything, you need to perform the postures correctly and with unfailing regularity. There are many chronic ailments that the allopathic medicines do not have the right answers for. More and more people are looking for alternative medication and processes of healing and yoga is growing in popularity every day across the globe.

Can Yoga Help You Grow Taller?

Well, the answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this. This is because yoga improves your posture, it frees your spinal cord from tension and your muscles and ligaments become aligned properly – as they are supposed to be.

This results into a perfect body alignment, which enhances by a correct posture makes you taller.

This is not because you grow any taller; rather it is because it makes your body stand taller through facilitating its correct posture.

The yoga frees not only your spinal column from all the unnecessary (and most imperceptible) twists and contractions, but also promotes more flexibility of the body overall. In this way very often people feel better and look better. Therefore, many think that yoga does indeed help in growing taller.

There is one thing with yoga though. In order to enjoy its benefits in full, you would have to practice it daily without fail. This is not a regime that you could undergo anytime you like, whenever you like. The best time to practice yoga is in fact the sunrise time. Yogis believe that the early morning sunrays and air are highly beneficial for the body and mind and hence when one does yoga at this time, the impact is optimal.

Some of the major benefits you could receive from yoga besides healing of numerous diseases and ailments are as follows:

  • Body balance and complete muscle workout and relaxation
  • Correct any imbalance, strengthens the skeletal system with emphasis on the spinal cord
  • Lubricates joints and ligaments (for which arthritis pain can be relieved to a great extent) enabling better movement of limbs/ joints
  • Balances your inner energy and pacifies your mind promoting higher concentration and memory power
  • Aligns knee joints to perfection
  • Improves mood, confidence levels and self esteem
  • Massages and promotes the correct functionality of each and every organ inside and outside the body
  • Increases both mental and physical stamina by renewing the inner energy of the body
  • Improves sleep and capacity to relax
  • Brings discipline in one life – both mental and physical

Summing it up

To sum up, yoga is a great system of exercises which can benefit you in more ways than you would think possible. However, yoga cannot help you in height growth, in other words yoga cannot make you grow tall.

On the other hand it would help in aligning your body optimally so through your correct posture and body movements you would look taller than you were before you practiced yoga.